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Steel Connection Design

Our team specializes in Steel Connection Design for structural steel projects, encompassing various connection types such as standard and non-standard shear connections, moments, bracing, trusses, cranes, high-seismic, and other specialty conditions. With a wealth of experience working closely with steel fabricators, we provide connections that are straightforward to build, erect, and detail. Our efficient, precise, and prompt connection design helps steel fabricators to stay on schedule.

We put great effort into ensuring that your detailers have the necessary sketches, meeting all  deadlines, and ensuring that steel reaches the shop on time. Our flexibility allows us to tailor connections to fit fabrication shops, enhancing their practices and efficiency. Recognizing the costs associated with steel fabrication and erection, we aim to offer the most suitable and economical connection details for each unique situation.

Our connection sketches are comprehensive, meticulous, and user-friendly for your steel detailer, and we collaborate with steel detailers to complete projects accurately and promptly. This process helps keep your project on track and contributes to its overall success!

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