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Forensic Services

Cinco Structural provides specialized structural engineering design solutions that encompass issues related to foundation settlement, expansive soils, fire and water damage, as well as changes in use. Our services range from peer review to full design, and we have been delivering intricate engineering services worldwide since 1991. Our expertise lies in pinpointing the cause, origin, extent, and reparability of property damage, whether it results from natural or unnatural hazards.

Services and Specialties:

Building Compliance and Regulations:

  • Reviews for compliance with building codes

  • Studies and evaluations regarding the change of building use or occupancy

Inspection and Analysis:

  • Examination of building failures

  • Investigating the cause and origin of defects

  • Inspections of commercial roofing

  • Analyses of construction and design defects

  • Inspections of building structures and components

  • Thermal inspections, monitoring, and evaluations


Damage Evaluation and Assessment:

  • Assessments and analyses of flood and water damage

  • Evaluations of damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, and hail

  • Inspections and evaluations of moisture intrusion damage

  • Investigations into roof damage

  • Assessments of storm-related damage

  • Evaluations of structural cracks, settlement, and sinkholes

  • Assessments and reports on structural damage and building distress

  • Assessments of wind versus water damage

  • Investigations and evaluations of structural damage

  • Analyses of wind uplift and lateral loading "tie-downs"


Property and Commercial Assessments:

  • Assessments of property conditions

  • Evaluations during property turnover

  • Claims related to premises liability (such as slips/trips and falls, automatic doors, falling merchandise)


Specialized Inspections:

  • Testing for slip resistance on floor surfaces

  • Evaluations of waterfront structures, like ports and piers

  • Reports on the cause and origin of insurance claims


Litigation Support:

  • Offering specialized Professional technical insight and evidence to assist in legal proceedings, such as litigation, arbitration, or mediation.

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